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The Last Call

Info zu Teilnehmer The Last Call
The band LAST CALL was founded in 2000, but re-grouped in June 2001 in Oelde, Germany. The predominant part of our program consists of interpretations of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the great Texan blues guitarist. Beside further pieces of e.g. Jimi Hendrix, Double Trouble, Lou Ann Barton and Buddy Guy we increasingly write our own songs. Line Up: Frontman, guitarist and singer Gero A. Probst (28), since years glowing admirer of Stevie Ray Vaughan, is from his guitar style unmistakably header of the band. His escapades and setting on the stage provide the correct Stevie Ray Vaughan feeling. Bassist René Kalinowski (26) changed for this band from guitar to bass and puts to a certain extent the foundations.He really is a blues and groove fanatic. Drummer Volker Steinhoff (31) is a credit to Chris “Whipper” Layton of Double Trouble. He is probably the tallest drummer in the world, being 2.05 m. Organ man Dirty Frank L. Sievers (27) supplies the Hammond organ sound carpet, which resembles the work of former SRV organ player Reese Wynans very much. He truly is a crazy pal who can trigger earthquakes on stage. All four musicians collected experiences in pretty diverse bands prior to this project, the bandwidth went from speed Metal to Psychedelic rock and classics. Now they want to impress audiences all over the world with handmade great rocking blues again. There may be new room for this kind of approach after all the techno-electro-hiphop waves. See for yourself !!
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